Investment Advisory

Understand client risk and return profile, identify investment opportunities, determine the best asset classes,  provide guidance on suitable solutions.

Keep abreast with developments in global markets, investment products and opportunities

Showcase investment products to clients which may be of interest for them or which are on the approved list;

Explaining key risks and other features of products in which the client wishes to invest and updating the client on the same;

Assist the client in aligning his investments as per his needs and risk appetite in line with dynamic asset allocation

The emphasis on Risk assessment and implementation of risk control measurements is vital in the present uncertain  external & internal environment. Our Risk Advisory Services team works with clients to develop innovative and out of-the-box solutions to identify critical factors that are vital for success and to mitigate business and functional risks related to these factors..

Our optimal blend of Risk Advisory Consultants have the requisite ability to efficiently execute engagements and deliver quality and value for our clients. Our risk advisory services includes Internal Audit Services, Developments of SOPs, KPI reports, Risk control self assessment, Key Risk Indicators

We carry out risk assessment of the critical process to review internal controls, assist in drafting and deployment of detailed risk mitigation plan and constantly reviewthe risk and mitigation plan. This will enable client to combat the impact of the organization risk on its value.


Corporate Financial and Risk Advisory


Financial Management and CFO services

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) continue to grapple with significant business-related challenges in today’s dynamic economic environment. 

Being your partner, we will not only play an advisory role but will also take ownership of the accounting and finance functions.

Our expertise in financial management help our client to deal with complex matters pertaining to governance/finance and most importantly, ensuring the financial health of the company via strategic and insightful decision making.

Undoubtedly, whether you are large corporate, Mid corporate, SME or running a family business, you are surrounded with greater governance responsibilities and prevalent risks than ever before.For whatever purpose you inculcate audits, we work with clients to understand their unique business requirements to ensure authenticity, reliability and accuracy in detailing financial statements. We put together an integrated approach to help you escape the complexity of financial data so that growth and success can be retained for longer.

We offer the following services:
  • We begin with comprehensive examinationof your accounting, data processing system are in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards
  • Review financial data, analytical procedures to determine adequacy of policies
  • Due diligence assistance on acquisition, mergers and joint ventures
  • Ascertain reliability and effectiveness of management data thus developed

Evaluate whether reports presented are consistent in delivering desired results


Audit & Assurance


Taxation Services

Our business taxation services deliver tailor-made services that aim to help corporate of all sizes in the tax compliance, consulting and tax advisory spaces. Our Servcis include

  • Corporate Tax (CT)
  • Executive Taxation Services
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Transfer Pricing

Our team is made of Qualified Chartered Accountants and Chartered Financial Analysts  with a deep understanding of the challenges related to raising limited recourse project financing in the sectors and markets in which we are active.

Project Financing advisory provides coordinating the financial arrangements for the project. With Project Financing, a company can arrange for a loan based on the cash flow generated at the end of a project while using the assets, rights, and interests of the concerned project as collateral, in addition to any other requirement from lenders side.

Our team at AMG  often gets involved at the earliest stages of project to support our clients during the negotiation of the projects’ contractual frameworks to ensure that the proposed commercial arrangements are conducive to implementing an optimal financing package in the context of a limited recourse financing strategy.


Project Financing advisory



In the current global environment that many companies operate within, there are many challenges for these companies from an accounting perspective as shareholders, regulators and other external stakeholders take a greater interest in how companies report, disclose and communicate their financial results.

With the increased scrutiny on companies financial reporting and disclosure requirements that the standard setters and regulators are requesting from companies, many businesses are often hard pressed to manage these additional requirements.

Our Services Include preparation of  financial reports for external reporting purposes such as tax returns, regulatory filings, reporting on any errors or anomalies in accounting methodology. establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with external auditors, regulators

Monitoring cash flow to ensure that all cash inflow and outflows requirements are met on timely basis.

Preparing financial reports reports on company operational results, financial position, and cash flow analyses, budgeting and MIS reports.